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Sinister Visions

Graphic Design

The oldest forms of marketing and promotion can still be the most effective. Posters, tickets, coupons, flyers, postcards, brochures, billboards, banners, t-shirts, etc. - Sinister Visions can design them all for you (and recommend qualified print vendors if you need them).

This is where your logo, marketing artwork and signature character work together to brand your business, product or attraction. Consistent branding not only makes your company look more professional, it helps entrench your brand in your customers' (and potential customers') minds.

Visit the Terms Defined page for an explanation and examples of what these terms mean and how Sinister Visions uses them to help you market your company.

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  • 13th Floor RGV 11 x 14 Now Open Poster

  • 13th Ward 24 x 36 Poster

  • 6th Street Massacre 11 x 17 Poster

  • Afterlife WWZ 11 x 17 Poster

  • Amhurst Asylum 11 x 17 Poster

  • ARVLFC 2008 Party Poster

  • Austin Vampire Ball 2013 Poster

  • AZScreampass 11 x 17 Poster

  • C Casola Farms Haunted Attraction 11 x 17 Poster

  • Cellblock 666 11 x 17 Poster

  • Chamber of Horrors (LIFF)

  • Chamber of Horrors 12 x 18 Poster 2014

  • Circle of Screams 11 x 14 Poster

  • Dragons Dome Poster

  • Dungeons Haunted Attractions

  • Endless Night Penny Dreadful Poster 12 x 18

  • Final Fear 24x36 Poster 2008

  • Flashback Weekend 2011 Flyer

  • Flashback Weekend Zombie Bash Web Poster

  • Frightmore 11 x 17 Poster

  • Ghastly Gathering Poster

  • GOON Poster

  • Green Bay Fear 2010 Poster 12 x 18

  • Harvest of Terror 18 x 24 Poster

  • Haunted Acres Hayride 24 x 36 Poster

  • Hex House 2013 Poster

  • Hundred Acres Manor 2010 17 x 11 Poster

  • LAVSC 11x17 Generic Poster

  • LAVSC Poster Halloween 2010

  • Memnoch Poster 2010

  • Mole Man 11 x 17 Poster

  • Night of the Living Dead Poster

  • Nightmare Plantation 11 x 17 Poster

  • Rebelween Poster

  • Retro Zombie Tiki Terror Poster

  • Shawano Manor 2006 Poster

  • Shawano Manor 2007 Poster

  • Shawano Manor 2008 Poster

  • Statesville 2013 11 x 17 Character Poster FLUFFY

  • Statesville 2013 11 x 17 Character Poster HERETIC

  • Statesville 2014 11 x 17 Poster

  • Statesville 2014 24 x 18 Poster

  • The Fear 18x24 Poster 2008

  • Tour of Terror 24 x 36 Poster

  • Vampire Ball 2010

  • Zombie Containment at Navy Pier 24 x 36 Poster

  • Zombie Prom 2011 Poster 11 x 17

  • Zombie Prom 2012 Poster

  • Zombie Prom 2013 Poster

  • Zombie Prom 2014 Poster

  • ZPOC 11 x 17 Poster

  • 13th Floor RGV Postcard

  • 13th Ward 2 Sided Flyer

  • Chamber of Horrors Postcard 2014

  • Circle of Screams Rack Card

  • Days of the Living Dead Postcard

  • ENVB 2015 Penny Dreadful Postcard

  • HAA Show 2015 Paintball Postcard

  • Halloween Extreme Postcard 2015

  • Harvest of Terror 2013 Rack Card

  • Haunted Mansions of Albion Postcard 2014

  • Lizzie Borden Museum Rack Card

  • Mountain of Terror Postcard

  • Nightmare Plantation Postcard

  • Riotfest 2014 Rack Card

  • Scream Masters Postcard

  • Statesville 2014 Rack Card

  • Statesville Postcard 2014

  • Statesville Postcard Zombie Hunt

  • The Fear Postcard

  • Theatre of the Vampires Postcard

  • TransWorld Haunted Attraction Show 2006 Postcard

  • Twice the Terror 2014 Postcard

  • Zombie Containment Postcard 2014

  • Zombie Prom 2011 Postcard

  • 13th Floor Chicago 7 x 3 Coupon 2014

  • Amhurst Asylum 2 x 6 Ticket

  • Fear Farm 7 x 3 Coupon 2014

  • Fear PDX 2014 Ticket

  • Haunted Acres Hayride Coupon

  • KEEP SCREAMING 13th Floor Chicago 7 x 3 Coupon 2014

  • KEEP SCREAMING Statesville 7 x 3 Coupon 2014

  • Nightmare Plantation Ticket

  • The Fear Coupon

  • The Fear PDX 7 x 3 Coupon 2014 FIVE OFF

  • TICKET Zombie Containment Daytime

  • TICKET Zombie Containment Lightning Fast Pass

  • TICKET Zombie Containment

  • 13FSA Dominos Box Topper 2014

  • 13th Floor CO CostCo TCC

  • 13th Floor SA CostCo TCC

  • Fear Farm Dominos Box Topper 2014

  • Fear PDX CostCo TCC

  • Haunted Acres Hayride 2010 Brochure

  • Noctinerary 2009 brochure

  • 13th Floor Chicago Icon WARNING Sign

  • 13th Floor Denver 2014 Ticket Sign

  • 13th Floor San Antonio 2014 Ticket Sign

  • 13th Floor San Antonio GRINDER Sign 2014

  • Amhurst Asylum Billboard

  • C Casola Farms Haunted Attractions Billboard

  • Fear Factory Billboard

  • Fear Factory Curb Sign

  • Fear Factory XMAS Curb Sign

  • Fear Farm Warning Sign

  • Final Fear Billboard

  • Halloween and Attractions Show 2015 Retractable Banner 1

  • Halloween and Attractions Show 2015 Retractable Banner 2

  • Legendary Haunt Tour 2015 Retractable Banner

  • Riot Fest Container 9 Banner

  • Statesville Haunted Prison 2014 Billboard

  • Twice the Terror Billboard

  • Zombie Containment Banner

Poster Designs

Flyers, Postcards & Rack Cards

Tickets & Coupons

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Sinister Visions clients have said...
  • “Knowledgeable, creative and most critically - prompt! Chad has the perfect skill set to create very user-friendly websites that work great and look super scary!”

    — Ben Armstrong, Netherworld Haunted House

  • “Chad has been instrumental in growing all of our trade shows by marketing our brands through amazing web designs, brochures, banner displays and t-shirt designs! Web design is so important in today's world and we credit a lot of our success to Chad for keeping our image fresh every year. Chad works around the clock to deliver the best products possible.”

    — Jen Braverman, TransWorld Trade Shows

  • “Chad is an unbelievably talented artist. The fact that he is able to take that creativity and use it to build websites that not only look good, but also work well and are reliable is just one of the reasons we've loved partnering with him over the years.”

    — Edward Douglas, Midnight Syndicate

  • “ have built and serviced three web sites for me over the past 6 years. Chad's input, design, backup and all around service are a credit to him, especially as we are based in the United Kingdom. I would not hesitate in recommending Chad and to anyone wishing for web design and creativity.”

    — Mark Edwards, Farmaggedon

  • “Chad has always been one step ahead of what's popular at the time. He continues to amaze me with his creativity and designs. We at Terror on the Fox have always used Sinister Visions, and we/I always will!”

    — Mike "Beaker" Parpovich, Terror on the Fox

  • “There is no more prolific dark web designer anywhere. If you want a successful event, then you need a Chad Savage-designed web site.”

    — Leonard Pickel, HAuNTcon

  • “Chad Savage has a command of typography that isn't seen anymore... And that's only one of his skills; he's really a pioneer in horror / haunted / fantasy corporate ID and digital design. Most of the work you see in this arena that wasn't done by him was most likely influenced by him. He's an original.”

    — Joe Sena, EMCE Toys / Cinefantastique Magazine / The Monster Channel

  • “Chad Savage delivers, in an internet world where most designers and enablers spew and wheeze far beyond their capacity. Chad views complex codings with an artist's eye ­ which makes him the real deal. He walks the walk. Hire him now before he wises up and prices himself accordingly.”

    — David J. Schow, Author

  • “I knew by hiring Sinister Visions I would get excellent results. The results were even better than expected. Thanks for exceeding my high expectations.”

    — Larry McKenzie,

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