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You won't find any rates or price quotes on this site, because every project has its own unique set of parameters that affect costs, and Sinister Visions inc. does NOT use templates. All of our designs are 100% custom-created for our clients. Please take a look through the portfolio and either contact us or submit a quote request to see what SVi can do for you.

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Sinister Visions inc. designs everything you need to successfully market your Halloween- or horror-themed business, attraction or haunted house. We love spooky stuff as much as you do, and it's that passion that fuels the work we do. This means that you'll receive creative, relevant designs that tap into the iconography of horror and Halloween to effectively and immediately convey your visual message to your customers. But hey, don't take our word for it - see what our clients have said.

With over 20 years' experience working with hundreds of clients, Sinister Visions can tackle your project no matter its scope.

Contact SVi for a free quote or consultation. Not sure what you need? That's OK! We love to talk shop - give us a call and let's talk it over.

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POSTED ON 09/13/2014 :: 11:07 AM

Days of the Living Dead Season 5, Episode 1: Haunted Housewares - TransWorld

"This is going to be the hardest thing we've ever done..." The Zombie Army heads to the TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis to purchase the animatronics, props, costumes, makeup and other ghoulish goodies that make for a truly terrifying haunted house. Will Kyle snap? Will Mike Gimlech ever understand John's Vision? Will John ever get to have a pet dragon? Watch to find out! SUBSCRIBE.

This episode features TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis and haunt vendors Scared City (anybody got a link for those guys?), CFX, Specter Studios (sadly, closed since filming), Gore Galore, Poison Props, Dead House Designs and ScareFactory.

Days of the Living Dead, a reality web series that brings you backstage at Chicago's #1 Haunted House, Statesville Haunted Prison®. From Yokai Films and featuring Zombie Army Productions.


POSTED ON 08/17/2014 :: 09:48 AM

Chad Savage Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

I challenge John LaFlamboy (Zombie Army Productions), Chris Stafford (Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group), Jen Braverman (TransWorld Trade Shows) and Chuck Williams (Who the hell is that guy, anyway?).

The Challenge (Modified, because #Chaditude): Film yourself dumping a bucket of ice water on your head within 48 hours of seeing this or donate $100 to the charity of your choice (it's time to share the love with some other charities). I suggest Bat Conservation International? or the Wolf Conservation Center?.

POSTED ON 06/18/2014 :: 10:41 AM

Chad Savage on the Big Scary Show Podcast

The current episode of the haunt industry's Big Scary Show podcast leads off with an interview with Chad Savage about the Midwest Haunters Convention, and includes interviews with other haunt industry creatives like Craig Hines and Dick Terhune. Head over to to listen and subscribe!

POSTED ON 06/16/2014 :: 12:11 PM

Attention Haunters! Your Halloween Haunt or Display Could Be Worth $50K!

When ABC wanted to reach out to home haunters in the Chicagoland area, they approached Zombie Army Productions and to help spread the word about The Great Halloween Fright Fight, from the producers of ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight”! Is your haunted display or walkthrough attraction worth $50,000? If you think you have the best home haunt, contact the producers at!

Not much information has been released yet, but there's a little more info HERE.

POSTED ON 05/14/2014 :: 10:23 AM

Chicago Zombie Prom 2014
The Chicago Zombie Prom returns for its 6th year on June 20th at the Bottom Lounge in downtown Chicago! Visit for full information and to get tickets!

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