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Sinister Visions inc. has been involved in the graphic arts, in one form or another, since 1987. We offer the following services individually, but consider the possibilities of combining them, as well...

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Sinister Visions inc. has 20 years' experience in website design, implementation and hosting. If you're looking to make your big entrance onto the Web, or you think it's time to overhaul your existing site, we can do the following for you, your attraction or your organization:

  • Assist with effective domain name selection and webhosting.
    Your success on the internet begins with your domain name, and it's critical to choose something that will (a) be easy for your potential site visitors to remember/find and (b) improve your search engine rankings. SVi will help you choose the right domain for your company, assist you in setting up hosting for it, and make sure that YOU own it all.
  • Create realistic website goals based on timeframe, budget and market.
    You don't have to be rich to have a great website, and not every website has to have the latest bells & whistles to be effective. Sinister Visions inc. will work with your budget and needs to deliver the best site possible (and hey, if you want bells & whistles, no problem!)
  • Design, create, develop, code and deploy the site.
    No templates, no pre-fab designs, no assembly-line design. Sinister Visions inc. custom-creates every website produced, designed around your company's idea, business or theme.
  • Insure compatability with different browsers and computer platforms.
    There's no point in having a great website that only works in one kind of browser. Sinister Visions inc. designs for cross-compatibility.
    Sinister Visions inc. uses web technology judiciously, period. Our goal is always to make your website easy to use for everybody, on every platform and device.
  • Promote and market beyond your website.
    Sinister Visions inc. can help kick-start your website's web presence by facilitating a number of link exchanges, search engine friendly coding, and establishing cross-linked accounts on a number of social network & media sites.

Not sure what you need? Contact Chad Savage and he will work with you to identify the kind of website that will benefit you most, then create it for you.


Sinister Visions inc. has over 20 years' professional experience in print design and production. Our graphic principals pre-date computer use, and are all the stronger for it. Our old-school education combined with current technology make for an extremely well-rounded approach to any design project.

Some of the services Sinister Visions inc. offers:

  • Advertising design and layout
  • Catalog design and layout
  • Book dust jacket design and layout
  • Magazine design and layout
  • Corporate ID (letterhead, business card, envelope, etc.)
  • Informational and educational brochures
  • Promotional programs
  • Flyers and posters
  • Media packaging (CD, DVD, etc.)
  • Product packaging
  • T-shirt design
  • Stickers
  • Postcards

Chad Savage has been providing dark illustration to various publications and projects since 1989. He has been nominated and has won several horror industry awards, including Best Artist 1995 from Deathrealm Magazine, and a nomination from the International Horror Guild for Best Artist, 1999. Illustration media include:

  • Watercolor
  • Ink
  • Pencil
  • Digital

Sinister Visions inc. can help you create a dynamic branding image that your customers and clients will remember, and which can be implemented across any and all media effectively. All logos created are constructed to work for print, web or multimedia, in electronic file formats that any service bureau or developer can use.


Sinister Visions inc. can create a unique audio experience for your clients as well as visual, from ambient website atmosphere to full-fledged haunted attraction themed tracks.


Sinister Visions inc. has designed dozens of original horror fonts that are in wide use today - you've seen them on DVD, CD and book covers, t-shirts, in movie credits, TV shows, band logos and more. We can design a font specifically for your project and output it so that it can be used on virtually any computer.

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Sinister Visions clients have said...
  • “Knowledgeable, creative and most critically - prompt! Chad has the perfect skill set to create very user-friendly websites that work great and look super scary!”

    — Ben Armstrong, Netherworld Haunted House

  • “Chad has been instrumental in growing all of our trade shows by marketing our brands through amazing web designs, brochures, banner displays and t-shirt designs! Web design is so important in today's world and we credit a lot of our success to Chad for keeping our image fresh every year. Chad works around the clock to deliver the best products possible.”

    — Jen Braverman, TransWorld Trade Shows

  • “Chad is an unbelievably talented artist. The fact that he is able to take that creativity and use it to build websites that not only look good, but also work well and are reliable is just one of the reasons we've loved partnering with him over the years.”

    — Edward Douglas, Midnight Syndicate

  • “ have built and serviced three web sites for me over the past 6 years. Chad's input, design, backup and all around service are a credit to him, especially as we are based in the United Kingdom. I would not hesitate in recommending Chad and to anyone wishing for web design and creativity.”

    — Mark Edwards, Farmaggedon

  • “Chad has always been one step ahead of what's popular at the time. He continues to amaze me with his creativity and designs. We at Terror on the Fox have always used Sinister Visions, and we/I always will!”

    — Mike "Beaker" Parpovich, Terror on the Fox

  • “There is no more prolific dark web designer anywhere. If you want a successful event, then you need a Chad Savage-designed web site.”

    — Leonard Pickel, HAuNTcon

  • “Chad Savage has a command of typography that isn't seen anymore... And that's only one of his skills; he's really a pioneer in horror / haunted / fantasy corporate ID and digital design. Most of the work you see in this arena that wasn't done by him was most likely influenced by him. He's an original.”

    — Joe Sena, EMCE Toys / Cinefantastique Magazine / The Monster Channel

  • “Chad Savage delivers, in an internet world where most designers and enablers spew and wheeze far beyond their capacity. Chad views complex codings with an artist's eye ­ which makes him the real deal. He walks the walk. Hire him now before he wises up and prices himself accordingly.”

    — David J. Schow, Author

  • “I knew by hiring Sinister Visions I would get excellent results. The results were even better than expected. Thanks for exceeding my high expectations.”

    — Larry McKenzie,

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