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Your Web Presence Is More Than Your Website

A few years ago, having a website was enough. You advertised your site's URL and swapped links with other sites, and in time you could be reasonably sure your customer base would find you.

As of 2009 your website was still a great start, but if you were serious about drawing people to it (and, by extension, your event), you had to go further. You needed to get your event/brand in front of people more aggressively. One of the best ways to do this is through Social Networking & Media sites.

Millions of people are logging into Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and other similar sites daily (even hourly), looking for the things that interest them, things to do, and (most importantly) things to share with their friends. One of the driving forces behind these sites is the fact that people are able to share and discuss the things they find fun or interesting; with some strategic setup, you can make it very easy for people to find, save and share information about your business, event or attraction.

While most of these sites are free to use, expect to invest heavily in terms of time. You must provide relevant and timely information and content to them, build Contact/Friends Lists, and stay on top of messages, requests and approvals. If you are unwilling or unable to do this, there is no point in reading further.

Sinister Visions can help you set up a solid presence on key Social Network & Media sites, help you cross-wire them to each other and your website, and help kick-start your presence on the web *beyond* your website. A few examples:

  1. : SVi can help you set up a Facebook account and Facebook Group or Fan Page for your attraction
  2. : SVi can help you set up a Twitter account that feeds information and updates to your website and Facebook.
  3. : SVi can help you set up a account that feeds posts to your website, Twitter and Facebook.
  4. : IF YOU HAVE VIDEOS TO POST, SVi can help you create and configure a YouTube page, which will allow you to post your videos to your website, Twitter and Facebook.
  5. : IF YOU HAVE PHOTOS TO POST, SVi can help you create and configure a Flickr photostream to feed photo content to your website, Twitter and Facebook.

These sites represent a few of the most popular and widely-used Social Network/Media sites available, and provide a set of online publishing tools that can significantly expand your presence on the internet. All 5 of the above options have the added benefit of being able to lead people back to your website, directly and indirectly.

All of the services listed above are free to use; has a maximum image cap that can be removed for $25/year.

Contact Chad Savage at Sinister Visions inc. to discuss how you can put the power of Social Network & Media sites to work for you!

DISCLAIMERS: Sinister Visions inc. WILL NOT run these accounts for you. SVi will help you in account creation, configuration & customization; once they're set up, it is up to you to (a) populate them with information/video/images, and (b) expand your contact list on each service. You MUST be willing to invest the time required to build your network and content on these sites; otherwise, there's simply no point.